Changes You Need to Make to Set You Up for Success …

Change can be really difficult to make, especially when it comes to careers and jobs. When you are getting serious about making a change, you have to know what steps are the right ones to take. Whether you are looking to change careers or just start yours, you’ve got to understand the rules, know what […]

How The To-Do List is Your Enemy …

To-do lists are something that can instantly become an enemy if you don’t keep on top of them. To-do lists are something that I’ve despised for years however, I learned that they can be valuable if you actually use them. I’ve got some of the best tips and tricks to not let your to-do list […]

How to Live Tweet Your Way to Success …

Live tweeting is the next big thing. We’ve all seen it, read about it, maybe even done it without realizing it. From the viral stories where someone live tweets a couple’s awkward first date to TV shows who ask viewers to chime in using a specific hashtag, live tweeting is a quick, easy way to […]

These Social Networking Myths Are Bad for Business

In the last few years, social media has become the place for the best advertising. It makes sense. For the first time, you have a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, to have conversations in real time, and to listen to their opinions and constructive criticism. The problem is that because social networking for […]

You’re More Likely to Monetize if You Focus on These Topics

It’s hard to deny that certain types of blogs typically see more success than others, whether they’re stand-alone or connected to a wider business, product, or service. The choices may seem limited, but they’re really not. If you’re looking for a niche, a sub-niche, or an even more specialized area of expertise that can make […]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet in Business …

There’s no question that Twitter has the power to make or break a business. That might seem like an enormous claim for a mere social media platform, but if you’ve ever seen a company’s viral marketing campaign take off or witnessed a brand topple due to an ill-timed or ill-advised tweet, you know it’s true. […]

Scrap the Hashtag, Use These Social Media Tricks for Success …

There’s no question that social media can boost your business, but it’s important to remember that social media marketing doesn’t begin and end at hashtags. Although a well-chosen hashtag can interest new customers and open up your target market, it can’t do everything – and relying solely on hashtag marketing is doing a disservice to […]

3 Things You Need to Do Before You Even Think about Starting a Business …

You see these articles all the time. Learn your target market, they say. Find your niche. Research your competitors. Those are all solid pieces of advice, but they can be premature for the very new business owner – the owner so new, they’ve only just decided that they want to own their own business, that […]

The History of Skiing

Skiing is one of the oldest sports in the world, with evidence showing that people used to ski (albeit very primitively) as far back as 5000 BCE. While it was strictly utilitarian during these ancient times, skiing became more of a leisurely activity back in the mid-1800s. From there, the sport blew up and is […]

Do You Need a Simple Way to Make Fast Cash? Try Using JV Zoo’s Money Building Website Generator

Many people are taking advantage of the internet to make money in more unique ways than ever before. While some review products online, create YouTube videos and reviews, or work for affiliate companies, there never seems to be an end to the amount of money making availability online. JV Zoo is a cross website that […]

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