6 Figures With Chris – Mark III

Can you believe this is the THIRD time that 6 Figures With Chris is being released?

2009 – twice

2013 – once

Turn $7 into $1,011.88 every day FOR LIFE

Swimmers crowd into China’s ‘Dead Sea’ indoor swimming pool in Daying county, Sichuan Province, China to escape high temperatures

Expat John Wallace said that the Philippine government must not heed China’s demand to release the arrested fishermen.

“Prosecute them in full extent of the law. No getting out of jail for free. They broke the law, simple. China cannot kill everything in the sea. What will be left after they are done killing everything on the planet, what disgrace. China does not care of the well being of this planet. Just totally shameful,” Wallace commented.

User Christopher Cross also urged militant groups to stage protests before the Chinese Embassy in Manila, an idea appreciated by over 340 other users.

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