You’re More Likely to Monetize if You Focus on These Topics

It’s hard to deny that certain types of blogs typically see more success than others, whether they’re stand-alone or connected to a wider business, product, or service. The choices may seem limited, but they’re really not. If you’re looking for a niche, a sub-niche, or an even more specialized area of expertise that can make you money, start with these three topics:

1. Money runs the blogosphere

Money may or may not make the world go round, but it rules in the blogosphere. Blogs with a financial slant are among the most popular on the internet, which means it’s easy to monetize a money blog if you’re skilled at brand reach and advertising (or if you can hire it out). Now, perhaps you’re thinking that all of these successful finance blogs revolve around stocks and bonds and things of that nature, but not. Blogs about saving, couponing, downsizing, and generally cutting costs fall into this category as well.

2. Everyone always needs to know about love

Love and relationships trouble everyone on some level. Questions about common and not-so-common problems are frequently searched by people all over the world. If they find a source for their problems, they’ll be quite loyal. Start a blog that gives advice about dating, marriage, divorce, parenthood – the list goes on. You could create an entire empire filled with experts on love, emotional health and behavior, and dating.

3. Health and wellness are quite profitable

This niche is barely a niche, it’s filled with so many sub-topics and specific subjects. Anything you can do to share information about health, wellness, and fitness will do well. Again, though, you have to attain expert status and you have to use social media to your advantage.

Does your blog or business fall into one of these categories?

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