XMRWallet: A Monero Wallet Open Source

XMRWallet is a Monero Wallet and a contrasting option to MyMonero. If at any point MyMonero wallet neglects to load, do take note of that XMRWallet can be used rather implies you never need to wait for a considerable length of time to know your progress with respect to Monero. The plus side is XMRWallet’s extra highlights which will spoil you interminably.

The founder Nath with the username WiseSolution on Reddit reported XMRWallet in the r/Monero subreddit. Nath is a full-time worker who has comprehended that the crypto world needs a superior Monero Wallet.


  • XMRWallet is totally a client-side Manero Wallet.
  • Transactions are fast – the wallet transactions from XRM Wallets happen in seconds or should we say milliseconds!
  • Instant account creation – Excited about our wallet? You can make an account instantly.
  • Various language support – Other wallets are hard to deal due to the language barriers, not in XMRWallet we are completely practical for 10 languages.
  • Compatible with MyMonero seed (import wallet) – Import from your MyMonero Wallet and begin with your past work.
  • Compatible with original Monero seed (import wallet) – The first Monero Seed is perfect with XMRWallet
  • No transaction import required (the whole wallet match up) – A synchronization you will be appreciative of.
  • Noticeable stature synchronization (with advance bar) – Know how far the synchronization has occurred, so you are refreshed.
  • XMR/USD balance view (auto updates) – Fluctuations can be disturbing, however, we keep you updated with the most recent balances.
  • Max work on send page – Do more in less time!
  • Numerous seed access (in new tab) – You will invest your energy much better.
  • No registration required, No logs – No more meticulous endeavors required.
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