To Tweet or Not to Tweet in Business …

There’s no question that Twitter has the power to make or break a business. That might seem like an enormous claim for a mere social media platform, but if you’ve ever seen a company’s viral marketing campaign take off or witnessed a brand topple due to an ill-timed or ill-advised tweet, you know it’s true. Twitter has the power to bring your business or brand into not just a national but an international spotlight, but it’s up to you to make sure that spotlight is a flattering one.

Almost every business should have a Twitter account. Social media is the best marketing platform in the world – it’s free, fast, efficient, and viral content spreads like wildfire. Tweeting is easy and free, and if you’re quick-witted, you can say a lot in 140 characters. Know this, however: millennials are judgmental, millennial consumers are brutal, and Twitter is savage. If you do things well, you’ll be vastly rewarded. If you make a marketing faux pas or say something stupid, Twitter will drag you hard within the first 24 hours.

So here’s the thing: to tweet in business is always the answer. The key is to tweet with intelligence. You have to be relevant, you have to be knowledgeable, and you cannot pander. You may need to hire someone to manage your social media, especially if you aren’t confident in your ability to control your Twitter fingers.

Sending out a divisive tweet is bad, absolutely, but Twitter itself is so beneficial to business. You can reach new audiences in an instant and you can easily track your metrics and traffic. The opportunity is too good to let fear stand in the way. Just bear in mind that if tweeting isn’t for you, it can still be the right choice for your business. Don’t be afraid to hire out your social media, if only for the potential.

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