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Top 3 Hottest Cryptocurrencies Today

The universe of cryptocurrency is loaded with tons of altcoins all battling for their market share. Because of the staggering amount of coins available its difficult to choose which coins worth checking and which coins are basically scams. Today we highlight the top 3 hottest cryptocurrencies available today. Bitcoin Without the need of introduction, Bitcoin […]

Other Cryptocurrencies You Need to Know

Monero (XMR) Monero (initially named BitMonero) is another open-source, privacy driven altcoin created in 2014. It is a 100% PoW cryptographic money. The privacy of exchanges is ensured by ring signatures (that conceal the sending address), RingCT (that hides the amount of exchanges), and stealth addresses (that conceal the receiving address). BitShares (BTS) BitShares is […]