Scrap the Hashtag, Use These Social Media Tricks for Success …

There’s no question that social media can boost your business, but it’s important to remember that social media marketing doesn’t begin and end at hashtags. Although a well-chosen hashtag can interest new customers and open up your target market, it can’t do everything – and relying solely on hashtag marketing is doing a disservice to your business.
Everybody loves coupon codes and discounts, right? Advertising yours on your social media pages is a foolproof way to get people buying what you’re selling. You can, of course, use a smart hashtag to increase your reach, but the discount’s the main thing, especially since you can use a few clever tricks to translate your discount code into more likes, followers, or shares. For example, everyone who likes, shares, or follows your page gets access to the code.
1. Consider Your Social Media Platforms
Your social media platforms also give you the unique opportunity to engage with readers, customers, and fans. Specifically, you can let the tone and personality of your brand shine through your social media posts.
2. Always play to your audience
Of course – if you’re marketing products to an older demographic, for example, an irreverent brand voice won’t do you much good. Then again, take a look at the Twitter feeds for fast food hot spots like Wendy’s and Burger King. Sometimes, if you leave people laughing, they’ll follow you into the depths – even if that means eating Chicken Fries.
3. Talk to the people
Finally, on the topic of engaging with your target market, take the opportunity to do so. Talk to people. Ask their opinions. Follow up on complaints. Discuss good reviews and bad reviews alike. You can’t please everyone, but you have the chance to see what people love and hate.
Are you ready to move beyond the hashtag?

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