3 Things You Need to Do Before You Even Think about Starting a Business …

You see these articles all the time. Learn your target market, they say. Find your niche. Research your competitors. Those are all solid pieces of advice, but they can be premature for the very new business owner – the owner so new, they’ve only just decided that they want to own their own business, that is. Sometimes, you have to start smaller than that.

1. Eavesdrop

Seriously. At stores, restaurants, on the sidewalk, yes, but also on social media, in the comment sections of articles geared toward your interests, products, or services, and on review sites. Pay attention to what people are asking for and listen to what they want. You can’t fulfill every need and you’ll never make everyone happy, but you’ll get a consensus – and more than a few ideas.

2. Get yourself a job

Yes, you want to start a business, in part, so you can become your own boss. You probably want to get away from doing a regular job, too. Still, trust me. Get a job. Look for a position at a business or company that is at least somewhat similar to what you want to do – and, again, pay attention. In addition to gaining general and specific business knowledge, you may get some great ideas.

3. Stop over-complicating things

Keep it simple, sweetheart. Whatever you do, pare it down to the bare essentials. You may build a little from there, but you don’t need to complicate anything from the outset.

Anything to add?

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